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Spring Garden Deluxe Box
  • Spring Garden Deluxe Box

    SKU: Box_Spring-DELUXE

    This gift box includes our specially curated Spring Seed Kit plus additional extras, perfect for the new gardener in your life. 


    Seed Varieties Included:

    • Blue Lake Pole Beans
    • Landreth Stringless Bush Bean
    • Early Wonder Beets
    • Scarlet Nantes Carrot
    • Straight 8 Cucumber
    • Black Beauty Eggplant
    • Sugar Baby Watermelon
    • Honey Rock Melon
    • Red Burgundy Okra
    • Anaheim Pepper
    • California Wonder Pepper
    • Purple Wonder Pepper
    • Small Sugar Pumpkin
    • White Icicle Radish
    • Black Krim Tomato
    • Cherokee Purple Tomato
    • Brandywine Yellow  Tomato
    • Charleston Grey Watermelon
    • Waltham Butternut Squash
    • Black Beauty Zucchini


    *Garden boxes may be subjected to substitutions depending on seasonal availability. 


    Additional Included Items:

    25-ct. Seed Labels

    1 - Artline Permanent Seed Label Marker

    25-ct. Kraft Seed Envelopes

    5-ct. Reusable 6-Cell Seedling Trays

    12-ct. Plant Starter Pots (3.5-in. x 3-in.)

    1 - Seed Transplanting Tool

    1 - Seed Dibber

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