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Cucamelon Seeds

Cucamelons, are also called: Mexican miniature watermelon, Mexican sour cucumber, Mexican sour gherkin, mouse melon, or pepquinos.


Known to have been a part of the Aztec diet, cucamelon is native to Mexico and Central America and is commonly served in Central America today as a delicacy. They have been a staple of Mexican cuisine since pre-Columbian times.

Cucamelon is a vigorous vining plant with fruit about the size of grapes that tastes like cucumbers with a tinge of sourness. They are highly prolific and a single plant can produce hundreds of fruits. 

As with all cucumbers, make sure to provide them with a trellis. 

Cucamelon Seeds

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  • Germination

    7-14 days

    Days to Maturity

    45-60 days

    Plant Spacing

    8-10 inches

    Sowing Options:

    Start indoors 4-6 weeks before last frost


    Direct Sow after last frost date

  • 15 seeds

    *filled by weight

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