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Love Lies Bleeding Amaranth Seeds

Love Lies Bleeding Amaranth is one of our favority varieties. It is stunning in the garden and although all parts of the plant is edible, it makes a beautiful cut flower in a floral arrangement. 

Young leaves are used fresh like spinach, while the sprays of seed make a very satisfying gluten-free grain, used like quinoa. Plants grow from 4-8' tall, depending on soil quality. 

Prolific and easily self seeding, harvest seeds before they drop into your garden bed. Amaranth is often eaten as a nutrient dense microgreen. 

Love Lies Bleeding Amaranth Seeds

  • Germination

    10-15 days

    Days to Maturity

    20 - 30 days for leaves; 90-120 days for grain

    Plant Spacing

    6-12 inches

    Sowing Options:


      Direct sow after last frost date


  • 500 seeds

    *filled by weight

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