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Jewel Mix Nasturtium Seeds

Jewel Mix Nasturtium Seeds


Jewel Nasturium is semi-double, slightly ruffled, fragrant blossoms on this flower are held up above foliage on long green stems, not hidden. Unlike the dwarf variety, the Jewel Nasturium grows to 10"-15".  A delightful range of delicate colors, this annual blooms yellow, orange, and scarlet with a sprinkling of mahogany, ruby, and cherry rose.


Flowers and leaves are edible and taste similar to watercress, add them to salad for a punch of color.

Nasturtium prefers cool, mild conditions. Easy to grow and blooms quickly. Great in containers and planters where they can spill freely.


Soak your Nasturtium seeds overnight to help seedlings break through the tough outer shell.


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    Approximate Seed Count: 20 *filled by weight
  • Ideal Temperature: 60-80F

    Germination Time: 7-10 days
  • Maturity Date: 30-40 days

    direct sow after consistent 55F temperatures
  • Planting Instructions for Starting Indoors

    start indoors 3-5 weeks before consistant 50F temperatures
  • Plant Spacing: 15 inches

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