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Italian Flat Leaf Parsley Seeds

Italian Flat Leaf Parsley is used as fresh seasoning and has large, bright green leaves on compact plants. Flat Leaf Parsley is easy to grow and looks good enough to grow among flowering annuals as well as in the herb garden.


The large foliage arises on plants that reach only 10 to 12 inches high and wide. You can begin to harvest the individual leaves about 2 months after setting out transplants, or cut the entire plant at the base and harvest at once. Italian Flat Leaf is a great cut-and-come-again variety, a staple of your kitchen herb garden that you will appreciate all season long.

Parsley is a biennial, but the second year the plant will flower early, and once the blooms appear, the flavor of the foliage becomes bitter. Grow this herb as an annual, and enjoy a long, long season of glory in the sunny garden, annual bed, and your best containers.

Parsley seeds take a while to get going, so you may want to soak them overnight before sowing. If you're beginning them indoors, be sure to transplant them as soon as they have two sets of true leaves and the soil is warm, because they have a long root and resent being transplanted once they have begun to leaf out. If you're growing them in a pot for the kitchen window, select a container that is long and narrow rather than wide and shallow, to give the root room to run.


Italian Flat Leaf Parsley Seeds

SKU: H13
  • Germination

     7-10 days

    Days to Maturity

    50 days

    Plant Spacing

    3-5 inches

    Sowing Options:

    Start indoors 8-12 weeks before last frost date

      Direct sow after last frost date


  • 250 seeds

    *filled by weight

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