This unique and intriguing radish is actually an heirloom Daikon radish variety. Like a radish that has turned in on itself, this white-skinned variety boasts a bright red interior that really catches the eye.


The flesh is both tender and crisp, and makes an excellent addition to salads or crudité spreads. When harvested early, the flavor is mild with a light peppery tang. Left in the garden to harvest in the hotter months, the taste can turn bitter. We recommend this wonderful variety to anyone who thinks they don't like radishes.


Even those who call themselves radish haters, love Watermelon radish for its beautiful appearance and sweet and spicy flavor combination. 

Watermelon Radish Seeds

  • Germination

    6-10 days

    Days to Maturity

    55 days

    Plant Spacing

    2 inches


    Direct sow after last frost date

  • 125 seeds

    *filled by weight