The Marglobe Supreme Tomato is great for home and market growing as it is the highest producing tomato plant that we have ever seen!


The Marglobe Supreme tomato plant was originally released by the USDA in 1925 and was first developed in 1917 from a cross between 'Marvel' and 'Globe'. Marglobe Supreme has been in demand for several generations while many other varieties have come and gone.


This high yielding tomato plant is stocky, vigorous, and has excellent disease tolerance. Its vine growth is uniform and provides good protection from sun scald. The Marglobe Supreme produces high yields of crack resistant  4-6 ounce, smooth and round shaped tomatoes that are perfect for canning.

Marglobe Tomato Seeds

  • Type Semi-Indeterminate
    Germination 7-14 days    
    Days to Maturity 75 days    
    Plant Spacing 18-24 inches    
    Recommended Start indoors 8-12 weeks before last frost
  • 25 seeds